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“The grass is always greener on our side”

Standard Electric has made a commitment to the environment and to future generations by becoming a leader in the green building industry. Once a quarter we will be showcasing a new environmentally friendly product that if used will enhance your brand. In some cases this product will help your stores reduce energy and cut operating expenses. In others they might help your customer’s live “greener” lives.  This quarter we will be showcasing Leviton’s Evr-Green electric vehicle supply equipment.


“Our Evr-Green electric vehicle recharging products and services continue that tradition. These innovative solutions will help rapid expansion of the smart grid infrastructure and wide adoption of electric vehicles: a win-win for you and the planet. Whether you are an EV driver, a commercial business, utility company or municipality, there's an Evr-Green solution for you.

PEVs Are Great For Business

For businesses of any type, integrating PEV recharging capabilities can translate into a boost to the bottom line. While most PEV drivers will recharge their cars at home, as the adoption of PEVs become more widespread drivers will look for places outside the home to "top off" while running errands or travelling longer than usual distances. By adding recharging stations for these drivers, retail businesses can benefit by creating a competitive advantage, and attracting new, loyal customers. Plus, keeping customers within your establishment for longer periods of time can translate into more sales.

For corporations, installing recharging stations conveys a positive message to the community in terms of environmental stewardship and encourages employees to consider switching to PEVs. Plus, installing charging stations can qualify for additional LEED credits.
Developers too can add value to buildings while at the same time qualifying for additional LEED credits for their projects.

Evr-Green commercial electric vehicle recharging stations, coupled with the ChargePoint® Network suite of software services, are the perfect solution for taking advantage of these opportunities. ”


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