Lamp Replacement

The Standard Electric lamp replacement team has taken on the industry wide problem of getting the correct lamp in the right socket every time. As you may know all too well, there are many different lamp choices. One little oversight like the wrong color temperature can cause your stores to have an undesired look. Our revolutionary web order entry system has simplified this process and makes it very easy to keep a unified look across your entire brand.

Having a web order entry based system enables your lamp orders to be placed 24 hours day. Our lamp department manages your specific inventory needs to ensure limited to no back orders. All orders will ship within 24 hours from order date, from one of our multiple distribution centers. When entrusting your replacement lamp business with Standard’s lamp replacement team you can be confident you’ll get the right order on time, every time. 

Standard Electric National Accounts -From Design to Distribution to Store Maintenance we are your single source solution.

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